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Objective: To introduce kids and youth to the Internet of Things (IoT) and inspire them to explore the potential of connected devices through hands-on projects and activities.

Workshop Duration: Max 4 hours including break time

The trainer will discuss about the following:

1. Welcome and Icebreaker

2. Introduction to IoT

3. Exploring IoT Devices

4. Basics of IoT Technology

5. Exploring IoT Applications

6. Ethical and Security Considerations

This workshop provides kids and youth with an exciting introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT), empowering them to explore the potential of connected devices and develop hands-on skills in IoT technology. By combining interactive activities with creative projects and collaborative challenges, participants gain valuable insights into IoT concepts and applications while fostering curiosity and innovation.

Veranstalter:  ONEVISION e.V.
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Gesprochene Sprachen :  Deutsch

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